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Slow Kiss

early dawn

a slow kiss


His Hands

His hands

work worn

old man

Buzzard’s Roost

Buzzard's Roost

Church steeple

rising to Heaven

buzzard’s roost

Radio Voices

Radio voices

filling the lonely darkness

on the long ride home.


A lush paradise

grown within my own silence

cold winter snowfall

Sugar-Coated Lies

Those were better times

way back in the good old days

sugar-coated lies

Running Late

Running late again

bright sunny manic Monday

the work week begins

Chasing Away the Blues

Scraps of emotion

chasing the dark blues away

a sun shiny day

In Dreams

In dreams I take flight

From this god forsaken night

Calm astral giggles

Whispering Wind

Wind touching my face

whispering in clear coolness

space between my thoughts