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Waiting for Spring

the hum of

silent boredom

let me go


grey static

the day slides by



the bloom

of winter too slow

in leaving


cars pass

a funeral procession


and I entombed

in my own stillness


waiting for new birth

words flowing

like rain


Rain sings

A lullaby;

I dream.

Radio Voices

Radio voices

filling the lonely darkness

on the long ride home.

Along the Banks of Cane Creek

Take me to the creek side where persimmons

grow, where the juice of plums and muscadines

streak children’s  dirty faces like war paint.

We danced the rain dance, called on freezing snow

and bade thunder and lightning to go, while

huddled in our woodland huts, hidden from

an angry God beating his wayward wife,

or moving furniture;  we did not know.

Those long ago summers were forever

with an end. Did we hear the keening trees

cry in sorrow over a child’s lost dreams?

As children do, they grow and drift away

forgetting huts and magical games they

built in utter faith along the winding creek.

But, I remember and I am starved

for the peace that only the wild gods know,

charging barefoot and naked through untamed

undergrowth, saving little girls lost in the wilderness.

Little Miss Wren

Tiny footprints

In the new snow.

Little miss wren,

Hopping to and fro,

Where have you been?

And where do you go?


Dusk settles

over the soft snow



Hot water

soft as silk


like a lover

filled with longing


A lush paradise

grown within my own silence

cold winter snowfall


My attention

focused on

a cottony



Primal Moments

These primal moments

encased in yellow moonlight

making love to you