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While driving to work one rainy morning, I saw a hawk sitting on power lines and imagined a mouse in the grass below. An ATC made for a Facebook Friend.


Like a River

Springing from ancient headwaters,

The long and winding river flows.


Gaining momentum in its course,

It is a watery ribbon

Cutting through rock and undergrowth,

On a journey of raging floods and rough rapids,

Slow miles of deep stillness and stagnant swamps,

Forever shaping the landscape with its power,

Until it spills into an ocean of eternal depth,

Crashing wave after wave,

Beating itself against the ragged shore.


Sadness, like a river, rolls on.

Ever it rolls on.

Dreaming Springtime

Early morning ride,

Dreaming springtime.

Nature’s wild youth blooming,

Fields green with new grass,

Dewdrops like diamonds

And fairy rings.

Woodland nymphs

Stare from behind Judas trees

Hanging like a purple mist

Along the busy streets.

Morning Interlude

Morning sun,
Dappled splotches of light
Paint tall grasses
Touched with dew.

Sparkles like diamonds,
Or a lover’s eyes,
Warm, impassioned jewels.

Life stirs love awake,
Fanciful dreaming ensues.

Drifting on dream tide,
A sensual morning interlude.

A Wild Rambling Rose

A wild rambling rose grows
Along my fence.

A riotous burst of color and rose-vine
twists and turns and loops
Through metal links
As it expands and moves
Upon its journey to reach
Sun’s light.

They are inseparable now,
Joined and coupled ‘til the end of time.

Just like my soul.
Just like my heart,
Entwined with thine.

Whippoorwill’s Sad Cry

Gazing at the stars

against a soft velvet night

whippoorwill’s sad cry

Slithering Snake

A slithering snake

Slides by like slippery thoughts

Forked tongue flicks hot air.

Nature Sleeps

Night falls

Slowly, softly


Covering everything

 Like a warm down blanket


A lone bird

Perched on his roost

Squawks a final goodnight


Then stillness reigns

As nature settles down

To sleep.


Copyright © 2008 Lady Hawke

Let’s Go

Morning breakfast had,

The outside sun calls my name,

“Let’s go for a ride!”

The Storm Arrives

The storm arrives with gusty winds,
As tears of heaven touch the ground,
A rumbling thunder never ends.
The storm arrives with gusty winds,
Lightening flashes, trees do bend,
A trembling clash of nature’s sounds.
The storm arrives with gusty winds,
As tears of heaven touch the ground.

Copyright © 2008 Lady Hawke