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Crumbling Friendship

Warm vibrant friendship

Gone as cold as winter snow

Silently falling


Tanka #1

Fading fast the fields

where Grandfather tended cows

with brown bales of hay

now overgrown memories

and rotten fence posts remain

Passionate Seas

You are an ocean of love
I am the shore

A lithe water spirit
Gleaming naked beneath a smiling moon
Dancing to your song

I embrace you on breezy sighs
Floating on glorious, surging swells
Of passionate seas,
Pulling you closer , still

Until roaring waves crest
An explosion of reflected starlight
Spilling over
Onto my ecstatic singing sands
Bathed softly in purple night.

A Wild Rambling Rose

A wild rambling rose grows
Along my fence.

A riotous burst of color and rose-vine
twists and turns and loops
Through metal links
As it expands and moves
Upon its journey to reach
Sun’s light.

They are inseparable now,
Joined and coupled ‘til the end of time.

Just like my soul.
Just like my heart,
Entwined with thine.

Red Blossoms

He leaned close to kiss
Her ruby lips like roses
Red blossoms unfurl.

Storm Tossed

Storm tossed family

Unpredictable tides

Washing into shore.


Copyright © 2009 Lady Hawke

Sweet Fire

Oh sweet fire!
My golden god dives deep
Into my flame.

Copyright © 2009 Lady Hawke