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Unseasonable cold
Creeps in to the very bones
Spring flowers shiver.


Whippoorwill’s Sad Cry

Gazing at the stars

against a soft velvet night

whippoorwill’s sad cry

Wisdom’s Song

I am a solitary dream,
A never ending tale.

I am the moon,
Daugther of the triple goddess,
High priestess of wooded clearings.
New and mysterious, I hide
In the shadow of thought.
Full with pregnant yellow light of knowing,
I am a beacon upon a darkened path.
At all phases in between, I
Exert a subtle influence
Upon the natural world.

I am a seed nurtured
In the soft soil of truth,
Awakening from a seedling’s dream,
I become a sprouting flower of new birth.
Exotic leaves unfurl, petals open
Reaching for the sun’s warmth,
Touching its rays of radiant light
And shivering in ecstasy of
Its shining love.

I am the longing and desire
Of man,
Yet, so few reach my core to
Settle within my honored embrace.

I am a clear mountain pool
reflecting the glories of heaven.
Dive into my crystal depths,
Bathe in the perfect purity of
My glistening waters
And rest upon my golden shores
In perfect peace.

I am wisdom,
A solitary dream,
Without beginning…
Without end.

Will O’ the Wisp

Orbs dance around me in the night,
What willowisp comes a visiting
At this late hour?

I must quiet my mind,

And open my heart to listen for
Their song.

I prayed for spirit quest.

I sought visions in the drumbeat of my heart.

They are upon me.


Early morning,
Before daybreak,
Bright stars traverse the sky
Exerting their subtle influence.

My sleepy mind embraces
Those cold, dark spaces
Between pinpoints of light,

An amorphous, shapeless being,
Floating in the ethereal depths
Of a peaceful, dreaming space.

Copyright © 2008 Lady Hawke

Slithering Snake

A slithering snake

Slides by like slippery thoughts

Forked tongue flicks hot air.

Flower Unfurling

I am a dew dipped

Flower unfurling

Growing towards

The light


Filled with a

Sublime and eternal


Overflowing love.


Copyright © 2008 Lady Hawke

Nature Sleeps

Night falls

Slowly, softly


Covering everything

 Like a warm down blanket


A lone bird

Perched on his roost

Squawks a final goodnight


Then stillness reigns

As nature settles down

To sleep.


Copyright © 2008 Lady Hawke

Lo, The Tide of Evening Falls

Lo, the tide of evening falls

With sounds of frog songs

Rising and falling in waves


Tall grass moves in shadows

And whispers in the night


I sit in frothy silence

Lulled by an ocean

Of inner dreams.


Copyright © 2008 Lady Hawke

Rain is Falling

Rain is falling down

Like tears of mourning

To the hallowed ground.


Copyright © 2009 Lady Hawke