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It Feels Like. . .

It feels like wave after wave crashing

Against an eroded, barren shore,

Diving into despair, as a small,

Insignificant ship torn apart

And wrecked upon sharp desolate rocks,

It’s silent scream drowned by the roar of

The waters, as it sinks

Beneath the surface



Bliss…A Fibonacci Poem




The secrets

Whispered in the wind

An instant of fleeting knowledge

Caught in wild frenzied flight, then falling to Earth again…..

Hope Vibrates

Hope vibrates
In my heart,
A lofty song
Rising like prayers
To heaven

I will not
Live in an abyss

I will not embrace
a lonesome melody
Floating by
Or dwell in sadness

I reach for
Distant galaxies
And feel them
Twinkling inside
Coming to life
Like starseed

Joy forms
For hope alive
And beating
With my heart

Passionate Seas

You are an ocean of love
I am the shore

A lithe water spirit
Gleaming naked beneath a smiling moon
Dancing to your song

I embrace you on breezy sighs
Floating on glorious, surging swells
Of passionate seas,
Pulling you closer , still

Until roaring waves crest
An explosion of reflected starlight
Spilling over
Onto my ecstatic singing sands
Bathed softly in purple night.

Morning Interlude

Morning sun,
Dappled splotches of light
Paint tall grasses
Touched with dew.

Sparkles like diamonds,
Or a lover’s eyes,
Warm, impassioned jewels.

Life stirs love awake,
Fanciful dreaming ensues.

Drifting on dream tide,
A sensual morning interlude.

Breathe in Love…

I want to breathe in love
And feel its movement like
Delicate butterflies’ wings,

Raising me,
Lifting me,
Carrying me upon a wind to
The tallest mountain peeks.

Remember me,
Oh sweet, pure Emotion.
Don’t forget my name
Or a heart that seeks true
Meaning in thee.

For I want to breathe in love
And expel it to the world,

And never harbor a single doubt
That love’s sweet song was sung
For me.

A Wild Rambling Rose

A wild rambling rose grows
Along my fence.

A riotous burst of color and rose-vine
twists and turns and loops
Through metal links
As it expands and moves
Upon its journey to reach
Sun’s light.

They are inseparable now,
Joined and coupled ‘til the end of time.

Just like my soul.
Just like my heart,
Entwined with thine.

Red Blossoms

He leaned close to kiss
Her ruby lips like roses
Red blossoms unfurl.

Love’s Communion

I am the silent dream
That caresses your mind. . .
A whispered kiss within your being.

I am within the wildest
Beat of your heart,
An impassioned, jeweled spirit.

Allow soft, slow movement to begin. . .

Entwine your thoughts with mine,
Wrap your soul around me,
Settle your body within my warmth

Become undulating waves of passion
Crashing against the shores of my emotion.
Climb with me to fevered heights
And lose yourself in the hot touch
Of love’s communion
And ultimate, uninhibited
Glorious consummation.

Copyright  2007 by Lady Hawke

Old Photographs

What were they thinking

In those old faded snapshots

Smiles frozen in time